Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kate Beaton Interview!

In our never ending quest for fame and fortune, LibrarianBeat has started harassing other actually famous people. Here's our interview with internet sensation Kate Beaton! (http://www.katebeaton.com)

LB: Kate Beaton you are an internet sensation. How exactly did that happen, and how would you modify the steps you took to becoming an internet sensation if you were a fake magazine for librarians?

KB: It happened by chance, actually. I worked at the same museum as Emily Horne from A Softer World, and after launching a website, she put a link up there. A Softer World is a pretty popular comic, so that made a big difference as far as having a lot of people see your work right away goes. After that, I guess because people liked it, I got more and more referrals and basically it spread through word of mouth. I have no advice as to how one does this at all.

LB: Do you ever read YA books even though you are no longer a Young Adult? Who is the cutest Young Adult author?

KB: Hasn't everyone read Harry Potter? It is an absolute delight. Also I am happy to have read Coraline before word escaped that it was to be made into a super hip movie. And cutest YA author hmmm I don't know... I believe I read a lot of R.L. Stein Fear Street as an early teen, but there is hardly anything cute about that.

LB: When I describe your comics to people, I say that you make exactly the jokes I'd make if I thought to make them. How are you so funny?

KB: I think it is just a matter of being in really tune with your personal sense of humour. Everyone has one. If you write humour in a general sense, or for other people, or copy someone else's style, it may not work out as well as writing something that you yourself find funny.

LB: What is most awesome about librarians, do you think?

KB: The fact that some of my good friends are librarians now that we are all settling in to the job world! They will make good ones, I think. I was a librarian once, or at least technically, an archivist assistant for a museum library and archives. You get to work around books all day, what could be better?

LB: Does being famous on the internet help you to meet cute nerdy boys?

KB: It brings them around now and then. To be honest doing this work has led me to meet many of the most talented and nicest people I have known, and that is a great plus.

LB: Based on the comics and other projects that you two do, I think you, Lucy Knisley, and myself should be best friends. How can an average person become friends with an internet or regular celebrity? With James Kennedy, we just had to buy him lunch. Are you all so easy?

KB: I met Lucy in Chicago once! She is a wonderful lady. It isn't hard to become friends with any internet personality, but just like anyone else you'd probably have to meet them a couple times first.

LB: Do you have a cat? If not, do you WISH you did?

KB: I don't have a cat but my roommates have a cat named Wednesday and she is perhaps the best cat there is, except maybe sometimes she could be more affectionate. But she sure is cute.

LB: Will you doodle us a sassy librarian?

KB: Gimme a minute

LB: Anything else our loyal readers should know about you?

KB: I'm a sucker for Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby is the funniest book.


  1. Lovely! I'm ashamed to admit that I hadn't heard of Kate Beaton before this, but I am now a fan!

  2. I am a BIG fan of Kate's after having found her on LiveJournal. How cool that she gave an interview to LibrarianBeat!

  3. Yesss, I love Kate Beaton's work <3

  4. Kate Beaton not only makes great comics, you end up searching out historic references she brings up and learning more! That's cool!

  5. Woop woop, talking up us librarians! Great interview! Very insightful answers Katie. And I love your librarian, I aspire to perfect that look someday. After I graduate from school (and sweatpants).

  6. kathleen you are the very librarian I know!

  7. Kate Beaton and librarianship in the same blog?! This is genius!

  8. Great interview! And an even greater drawing. I read Kate's comic about Darwin on Myspace last night--hilarious, as always.