Monday, April 6, 2009


Today is Monday!

Comment with your most amusing patron stories from the week! The author of my favorite gets a prize which may or may not come from a bag of things I found while cleaning out the furnace room (library storage areas have the COOLEST STUFF hiding in them...)

Editor In Chief


  1. Background: I work in a school library

    "Miss Marie?"
    "...sometimes I like to draw people when they aren't looking :D."
    "Wanna know a secret? Artists do that all the time."
    "One time, I saw the teacher picking her nose. So I drew it."

  2. Technically not from this week, but still cracking me up:

    Girl, approximately 6 or 7 years old, approaches the youth desk with her arms full of children's DVDs (Tinkerbell and the like).

    "What can I help you with?"

    "Can you please tell me which ones of these are rated R? I want to watch something scary."

  3. a teenager:
    "what is the library's stance on social networking? may i social network here on your computers?"

    me: "network away."


    another teen, who comes to my events: "Hi Kricket. I didn't read any of the books you gave me last time."

    thanks, laura. warm fuzzies all over.

  4. This happened while I was subbing in the kids area, which is not my usual job, but I was helping out: A little girl demanded a dark brown crayon from me. Then she came back and insisted the one I gave her wasn't dark enough. I found her another one, and that wasn't dark enough either. I suggested that she try coloring over the dark brown crayon with a black crayon to make it darker. She came back again and told me this hadn't worked. By this point she was getting a little exasperated with me, and I was feeling pretty ineffectual. In the end she decided to go with a nice dark red instead of brown.