Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Man of the Month

It’s not often you get to meet the whole family on the first date, but that’s exactly what happened on my date with James Kennedy last Saturday. Okay, so it was less a date and more a book signing attended by dozens of other people, but it was magical just the same.

After a lively performance, the adorable author allowed a group of Librarian Beat reporters to join him for lunch. He held open doors, listened attentively as we discussed our cats and our profession, and shared hilarious stories of his own. His polite manners, three piece suit , and Hugh Grantish good looks solidify his spot as Librarian Beat’s first Man of the Month.

A few days later, he answered our interview questions via Facebook message.

LB: I'm so glad you had fun at the lunch, and that you find us amusing and not creepy for putting you on the fake cover of our fake magazine. Don't forget us when you are inevitably rich and famous!

Speaking of the fake magazine, if you have a minute can you give us quick answers to the following ridiculous questions? It can only be good for your career, I promise.

LB: Librarianism: sexy profession, or sexiest profession?

JK: Draw your own conclusions. I've put my money where my mouth is: I'm married to one.

LB: How can a sassy and single librarian find an adorable YA author of her own?

JK: I understand they're available by mail order, like Sea Monkeys.

LB: Have you ever met John and Hank Green? Can you introduce us to them?

JK: Next year, the ALA plans to move all YA authors into one big dormitory in Miami. If I bump into John or Hank in the community bathroom, I'll see what I can do.

(ed. note: Let's all just take a moment to think about that, shall we?)
LB: Do you think women who wear reading glasses combine the best of both worlds and are thus irresistible?

JK: "Both worlds"? I've figured out that one of those worlds is astigmatism; what's the other?

LB: Would you be willing to read me a bedtime story?

JK: Sure! (I'll even throw in another story the next morning.)

(ed. note: James Kennedy! Stop flirting with me! Just kidding, keep going...)

LB: Do you need a personal assistant?

JK: Absolutely. Could you do all my Facebooking for me?

LB: What are your feelings about the Oxford comma?

JK: My feeling is that I just had to Wikipedia "oxford comma" to find out what it was.

LB: What's your sign?

JK: Pisces! What's more, I share my birthday with Yuri Gargarin, Amerigo Vespucci, Bobby Fischer, and Kato Kaelin. March 9, represent!

LB: What is your favorite:

JK: Blue.

Flavor of Ice Cream?

JK: Peppermint.

Thing to do on a rainy Sunday?

JK: Write.

Dance move?

JK: . . . it's complicated.
LB: What super-power would you choose?

JK: Super subtlety.

LB: Do you sing in the shower, if so, what?

JK: I try to imitate Bollywood musicals in fake Hindi.
LB: Coke or Pepsi?

JK: Coke.

And there you have it. Librarian Beat's very first Man of the Month!


  1. Excellent work chief!

  2. if I'm ever made Man of the Month, I will totally add it to my resume.

  3. Hey, I wonder how many interviews we could get with random YA authors just by explaining it's for our magazine?

  4. Oh trust me, I plan on trying. Any author worth the time would be totally willing, I'd think. They dont even have to be YA, Librarian Beat does not discriminate, except against ugliness.

  5. YAYYYYYY!! i am behind on my reading as you can see.

  6. This makes me so very happy.

  7. This is great, but there should also be Woman of the Month. Starting with Maureen Johnson.

  8. This totally makes up for never getting to be Sassy's "Sassiest Boy in America." Thanks, Librarian Beat!